Irma Bermudez

Irma Bermudez is a best selling author and Personal Branding Expert. She is the founder of Book to Wealth, in this seminar Irma teaches consultants, speakers, authors how to structure a book around their business, how to sell more products, create buzz around their brand and have real authority and credibility in any market….

Irma Bermudez best selling Author, radio presenter, founder of Book to Wealth & 6 Pillars of Expertise..

Irma Bermudez is a successful entrepreneur, personal branding expert, publisher and bestselling author. She grew up in the city of London and started her first business venture at the age of ten. She was in the business of buying small items from her grandmother’s store and then packaging them as gifts for the less fortunate kids. She has a passion for giving and helping others and her family encouraged and nurtured this characteristic.

Irma attended Metropolitan University and pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting and Finance. This she did with the view of one day being able to open her own accountancy practice. While she managed to accomplish this dream she lacked the passion and drive to continue within the field.  She later had an epiphany which made her realize that her calling in life was much greater than what she was doing. At the time, she wasn’t quite sure what it was but she was determined to follow her heart until it was revealed to her.

Like any other successful entrepreneur, Irma has had her fair share of setbacks.  With her resilient entrepreneurial spirit, this business stalwart has initiated several business ventures but not all of them were successful. Still, she never gave up. In fact, she has no regrets. She said, “In retrospect, they all taught me a lesson for which I am grateful for.”

IRMA BERMUDEZLearning has always been one of Irma’s greatest passion, and it was while she was running her accountancy firm that she began to immerse herself in books about marketing and business. She is also a firm believer in improving one’s self and continuously read personal development books. Irma credits her desire for knowledge as one of the things that kept her going when she faced adversities.

Irma defied the odds to publish her first book in 2011. She describes it as one of the most incredible experience she has ever had.  She said: “I knew I wanted to publish a book and I was determined to do so but I didn’t know how I was going to do it. When I held my first book in my hands, I just knew that I wanted to publish more books and also help others to become published authors.

She further added, ” I know many people out there want to publish a book but don’t know how to and are allowing their fears to stop them. I want to help them get rid of that paradigm by teaching them how they can get their book out there and show them that it is possible.”

Since publishing her first book, Irma has set up her own publishing company based in London. She d also hosts online courses teaching people how to get published.  She has also acquired the title of bestselling author. She’s also a successful personal branding expert.

Irma has also created a Programme called Branding You where she teaches the power of Personal Branding which has become a valuable resource for freelancers, consultants, etc that want to increase their presence in their market. What inspires this determined and resilient woman is bringing out the best in people. She derives great pleasure from seeing her clients shining and succeeding in their field.